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Drugs Are Not the Answer.
Drugs are known to be effective by the medical experts thus their consumption is allowed. Drugs have made people change their living lifestyle since if something happens to their body they take drugs. The present drugs are effective since they have highly effective chemicals that assists the body in functioning.
There are many differences between the traditional and the modern medicine. The traditional medicine an expert would prescribe a certain amount and in some cases if consumed in large amounts it didnt have negative impact to the body. In many occasions the present day drugs are said to cause other unknown complications in the body. There are many drug companies in the globe all manufacturing similar drugs but with different methods.

In our day lives we need to take drugs in order to cure or prevent any prevailing diseases. Technology has comes to advance the production of the modern medicine to make them more faster and effective. The quality of the drug is also important but with a good quality drug one can get mental sickness, when you regularly use this drugs. For many people in the world they prefer modern drugs but one thing they dont understand is that large amounts of drug intake without control may cause long term effects. Mental illness is the continuous dysfunction of the brain and how it responded to different stimuli and view here.

People who suffer from depression and mental disorder they are more likely to get affected by the regular usage of drugs. The brain intake all the chemicals from the drugs and makes all the commands to distribute it to the affected areas in the body and learn more. Any addiction may as a result of the body urge to fill the gap created by some chemical and view here. The drugs fin tune your brain to behave differently from what you believed or worked for.

Your mental illness is affected by genetics. It is regarded that large part of the addiction cause is because of your genes. Women are vulnerable to change in moods and anxiety that in most of time make them feel tired. Addiction is the way the drug has manipulated your mind to be responding to the urge of something, in many cases the men are destroyed by their personality and more info.

Likely the drug companies are the big players in drug addiction since they overdose the components in the drugs. Most organizations dont mind the health of the consumer but their end of the year revenue. Living a healthy life may improve your brain health. The moment the brain adopts to the drugs intake it will affect your work, friends and family.