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Reviewing Technology In Dental History

Archaeological studies pinpointed the origin of dentistry in the Middle East. The findings indicate that scientists in the 15th century first discovered the link between the teeth and speech. It was the next century during which Pierre Fauchard produced the first publication about dentistry and dentures. Learning about the history of dentistry helps patients and dentists understand how technology impacted the industry.

Types of Dental Technology

Dental technology introduced the various services used in dentistry to restore teeth or replace them. The first of the devices was created by Charles Land. Mr. Land created a technique to use what was once called the jacket crown. Today, it is a porcelain dental crown that is used to protect the tooth. The technique involves grinding the natural tooth into a cone and placing the crown over the entire tooth.

Using Dental Veneers

The process in which acrylic is bonded to the tooth dentin was discovered by Oskar Hagger. The Swiss chemist created the first veneer that is used today to cover imperfections. The devices are bonded to the natural tooth after an indention is made in the front of the tooth enamel. It is bonded and sealed today by applying an ultraviolet lamp to the acrylic materials.

The First Dental Lab

The first dental labs were established in the 1890s and were owned by dental technicians and engineers. The objective of the labs was to create prostheses to replace teeth. Dentures were among the devices created in the early American labs. However, the earliest known devices were created in 1500 BC in Egypt. The Egyptian models used gold wire to hold the teeth to the dentures. Today, the dentures are constructed using wax molds and feature porcelain teeth. The dentures are still manufactured in a lab and are constructed using a mold of the patient’s gums.

In dental history, technological advancements were responsible for the development of devices used today. The devices correct and protect damaged teeth. Select products replace missing teeth and restore the smile fully. Patients and dental professionals learn more about how devices were developed by discovering more about technology in dentistry today.